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"Just wanted to let you and your fans know of the excellent experience I just had with Gil, a repairman for American Direct Logistic(ADL)s. After a nightmare delivery(damage to walls) and assembly of our 9500 treadmill, I contacted both Home Direct (the delivery agency), and Icon, your parent company. Someone put me in contact with ADL. Worked with John, who helped get a picture of what I needed and set up a service call. He was prompt polite and understanding. Gil arrived this morning and we started from square-one. Let's see, multiple missing screws, 9 washers on one screw, non on the other. Plates to secure top panel with all the electronics not aligned, besides missing screws. So after he was done with all that, we ran it and he immediately identified the belt rubbing. He showed me how to adjust it with the Alan wrench from the kit, something the Home Direct crew must have taken with them...along with the screws. In short, I would urge Icon to consider expanding their relationship with ADL, and dumping Home Direct. I look forward now to my wife and I safely enjoying our NordicTrack, knowing it has been properly assembled."
P. Devine, Lynnbrook

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Product Assembly Services

So you've invested in new gym equipment for a healthy lifestyle, new furniture to improve your home, or new leisure equipment to help you relax. You then realize that purchasing these was the easy part, you need to set it up...need help?

American Direct Logistics specialize in the skills needed to assemble all of your fitness equipment, home furniture and leisure equipment.
Whether you're a business in need of such skills for multiple equipment, or you require our skills at your home, we are here for all your assembly needs. Anything from home gym systems, to ping pong tables, if it needs assembling, leave it to us. We'll do it all and do it right.

Fitness Equipment assembly
Whether it's for your business or personal home use, we offer:

- Gym Fitness Equipment Assembly

- Home Fitness Equipment Assembly

Need help with your new home furniture? Or are you moving and need a hand with assembly, to reduce the stress? We offer:

- Furniture assembly,
Indoor & Outdoor

For businesses with multiple equipment or home, we can offer:

- Business leisure equipment assembly

- Home leisure equipment assembly

Furniture Assembly
Leisure Equipment Assembly

We're here to take the stress out of setting up and maintaining your new products, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day.

Our staff are highly skilled in fitness equipment assembly, indoor and outdoor furniture assembly services and all leisure equipment assembly. Our trained staff will arrive at your door and assemble your furniture and equipment, in a clean and professional manner. Whether it's a home or business call, we are here to help.

Remember, if you can't see the product you require assembling listed on our site, simply 'Request Assembly' and we'll get back to you with a quote.


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