Retail Services

Let us streamline your next project with a value engineering approach and single source project management.

American Direct Logistics has partnered with several vendors to provide a total solution for Store Fixture delivery and installation. With over 20 years of combined experience in retail fixture purchasing and transportation, we are acutely aware of the needs of the industry.

Recognizing Industry Needs:

  • Familiarity with Mall Delivery Dynamics
  • Scheduling work around store selling hours and peak times
  • Configuring departmental refreshes during store operation
  • Timed fixture rollouts across multiple stores
  • Integrating construction scheduling with new stores & store remodels

Retail Fixture Solution:

  • Coordination with vendors and construction management
  • Inbound scheduling to meet construction crews
  • On-day/on-time to the hour deliveries
  • Shipment optimization and consolidation
  • Driver assistance at vendor & destination
  • Labor crew supervision when required
  • 53’ trailers & spotted when required

Value Engineering:

  • Program review with the retailer and manufacturer to create a method of packing and transportation to save on overall cost
  • Product engineers work with manufacturer on packing specifications to reduce damages and optimize truck space
  • Coordinate with carriers for truckload assets & LTL padded van network to create the most cost-effective on-time and damage free delivery
  • All aspects of a fixture delivery and installation are managed and invoiced from a single source
  • Our experience in working with several large retailers and fixture manufacturers has allowed us to streamline our value engineering and reduce cost by 20-40% overall.

Fixture Installation Specialists:

  • American Direct Logistics utilizes professional installation technicians across the United States to provide nationwide coverage
  • Installation teams perform services within the customer’s designated timeframe, including off-peak hours to ensure minimal disruption for the store
  • Installation teams are fully trained on the installation of each product line prior to commencement of the project
  • On-site communication with dispatch supervisors ensures prompt resolution to any questions / issues that arise during installation.